7-11-2011 Weigh-in

by bhayden
11. July 2011 06:43

Weight - 298

Sugars - 94

So it's been a few days since I last posted a weigh in but that doesn't mean I stopped weighing myself.  In fact I've been weighing myself more regularly, almost in shock.  The scale hardly seems to be moving after the first two weeks.  I can't be too disappointed as I'm still losing but my initial goal of 50 pounds by PAX seems less and less likely.  I will, however, continue to try.  I also rebaselined myself using our Wii Fit.  After I only lost two pounds last time, I decided that maybe I wasn't smart enough to operate the gym's scale and went digital.  My initial weigh in on 6/30 for the Wii was 302.


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