8-8-2011 Weigh-in

by bhayden
8. August 2011 06:43

Weight - 282

Blood sugars - 108

Second number is important to monitor for the next two weeks (yay for sticking my finger more often?).  I had my quarterly diabetic check up and my doctor said I could stop taking my glyburide as well as drop my lisinopril by half.  I'm now down to two tablets of metformin and a half of a lisinopril.  Since I started Medifast I've dropped an entire pill (mg taken is probably more important here but I'm lazy and don't want to go check how much a pill equates to) of lisinopril and my glyburide.  My doctor said that by the time I hit my goal weight I will likely be off all my medications.  Also, six pounds lost this week, which means I'm likely in for another pound or half pound week next week.  Looks like I might be able to reach my goal of 50 pounds before PAX on Aug 27th.  It will be close!


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