8-15-2011 Weigh-in

by bhayden
15. August 2011 06:58

I'm like a weight loss Nostradamus, only a half pound lost this week.  That means I'm likely to lose anywhere from 5 to 6 pounds next week.  Blood sugars are still in the low 100s, which is is good since I dropped one of the key medicines that kept it low (the glyburide).  Even though it was only a little bit of weight loss I'm taking a positive approach for once.  Lost weight is lost weight!  The Wii Fit asked me this morning if I wanted to adjust my goal (due on 8/31) because it was going to be hard to reach it at my current pace.  I was like hell no, that's a challenge.  It's hard not to see and feel the results right now.  My pants hang down gangsta rap style even with my belt on the last loop and one of my old favorite pair of shorts won't even stay on anymore.


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