9-26-2011 Weigh-in

by bhayden
29. September 2011 20:55

Weight - 258.1

Sugars - 104

Wow this week has flown by.  I'll find out Monday if I hit my Wii Fit goal, I think I will but it will be close.  Debating on going aggressive or not with the next one.  At some point I know the pounds will come off slower and I keep wondering when that plateau is going to hit.  It is nice to see steady weight loss instead of spikes like before.  When this is all over, and I'm off Medifast and at a healthy weight, I'm considering submitting my story to them.  Hell, I'm considering advocating for them for free!  It takes some serious will power to stay the course but when you see this good of results, this quickly it really helps to keep your motivated.  I can see why Take Shape For Life has sprung up around Medifast, it's really a great program.


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