10-10-2011 & 10-17-2011 Weigh-ins

by bhayden
17. October 2011 08:26


Weight - 250.3

Sugars - 101


Weight - 247

Sugars - 96

I didn't even realize until Sunday morning that I hadn't posted last week's numbers, so a double weigh-in special today!  Making good, steady progress which is about all one can ask for at this stage.  Think I will be off by a couple of pounds when it's time to meet the Wii Fit goal.  That said, I'm under 250 for the first time in a long time (probably high school) and am super stoked about that.  On Saturday we went to Wal-mart and there were clothes there that I could actually buy and fit into.  It was definitely exciting to be shopping at a normal store!  The diet grind gets to me sometimes, but I keep on pushing through it.  Last week at work we had a lunch time meeting where they ordered pizza.  The amount of will it took to eat my pretzel sticks instead of that deliciously smelling pizza was extraordinary, but I managed it somehow.


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