10-24-2011 Weigh-in

by bhayden
26. October 2011 21:42

Weight - 245

Sugars - 117

Sugars a little high, not really sure why as I haven't eaten anything that different.  Hopefully just the normal ebb and flow.  I'm guessing that at my current pace I will hit my long term goal sometime in Feb or March.  Then the long road to transition and finally maintenance.  I have no idea what's going to happen once I get off Medifast and I'm slightly scared that all the weight will come rushing back, but I guess that's the risk.  It's up to me to keep the weight off, to get back into the gym and start getting tone.  I figure sometime at the 210 mark I'll get back into my body building routine that I had going for a while back in 2005.


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