12-19-2011 and 12-27-2011 Weigh-ins

by bhayden
29. December 2011 21:05

On the 19th I was 222, a lost of 5 pounds.  On the 27th I was only down a half a pound.  All things considered I'd say that was fairly good considering I lacked the same willpower I had during Thanksgiving (damn the cheese trays!).  We've decided that it's time to get off of Medifast and I will admit to being afraid of what the future will bring.  It's easy to lose weight when 5 of your meals are already planned and prepared for you.  It's much harder when you have to choose what it is that your eating.  I believe that we can do it, but it will be a truly difficult thing not to fall back into old habits.

Another oddity I was thinking about today.  For the past 15 years or so my New Year's resolution has always been to lose weight.  Now my resolution is going to be to keep it off.  I wonder if that subtle, but important difference will make all the difference in the world.


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