Lollipop, Lollipop

by bhayden
26. May 2013 22:00

In the days of my (relative) youth, I was somewhat of an anime lover.  I spent hours upon hours watching and debating the voracity of different series.  I went to cons.  I had a serious collection.  While I eventually fell out of love with anime it still holds a place in my heart.

I’m telling you this because context is important in what I’m about to say.  Lollipop Chainsaw is a game that tries to capture that quirky anime feel.  The mere premise of the game helps to establish that tone – you play as a cheerleader who also doubles as a member of a zombie hunting family.  When things start to go south at her school, she is there along with her family to help save the day.  The game is full of typical anime tropes, from the nearly obscene up-skirt shots to plenty of cursing to just enough side boob to make the kid in me giggle on occasion.

The feel of this game I actually came to enjoy.  At first I was a bit turned off but as I played it more I couldn’t help but be entertained.  They did a solid job of connecting with that old anime fan in me and bringing him back to the surface if only for a little while.

Unfortunately they didn’t make a very good game.  I should be quite clear on that.  While the theme of the game was enjoyable, the execution on that theme left a lot to be desired.  There are pointless minigames that you are forced to play to progress.  In general I have no problems with little minigames that any game wants to include, but I particularly enjoy them when I can ignore them if I don’t like them.  In this case less definitely would’ve been more.

The minigame aspects aside, the game could’ve still been good if the core mechanics were solid, but they’re not.  The combat was clunky and never felt natural.  The character upgrades never felt really worthwhile and there was tons of fluff items to buy.

Fortunately it looks like the makers of the game played their own game and realized its own shortcomings (or maybe this was entirely accidental) and made a very short game.  The game is just long enough to begin to form a bad taste in your mouth but it ends before the bile rises and spews everywhere.  This is a concept that would’ve worked much better as anime series rather than a game.



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